Microsoft And Sony To Have Diverse Game Line Up At E3

Sony and Microsoft, the two largest companies in the video game industry both announced this week that they will have a diverse set of games being showcased at the E3 Gaming Conference in Los Angela’s this year. Sony are the creators behind the Playstation 4 while Microsoft are the creators behind the Xbox One, two consoles that are competing against one another in the eight console generation cycle.


On the Sony side of things we will see exclusive gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, 1814, Destiny and Uncharted. Uncharted and Star Wars Battlefront are two of the most sought after video games for this year’s E3. It is unknown if either one of these games will be released in 2014, it is suspected that the games will be released in early 2015.

Microsoft on the other hand of things haven’t announced what their really showcasing this year at E3. We do know that Microsoft will hold all of the exclusive clips, gameplay sessions and trailers for the new Call of Duty this year. Microsoft holds a deal with Activision that allows them to release the Call of Duty DLC one month earlier than the Playstation can. Regardless all eyes are on Sony and what the Playstation 4 has in store for the world.

You will be able to view week long coverage on the E3 Gaming Expo right here or at any of your other video game news sources. You can be expected that some major game changes will be showcased at this year’s E3.

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