Steam Servers Down For 12 Hours

Steam, a service which allows for you to download famous video games onto your personal computer without having to actually purchase the disk went down for twelve hours last night. It’s been two years since Steam last saw their servers hacked.

Steam logo

At 8 P.M last night the Steam Servers went down after the same group of hackers who took down the Call of Duty Servers and Playstation Plus Servers. Steam was notified of this hack nearly two minutes after the hack first entered their system, Steam Programmers worked around the clock battling off against these hackers in order to protect their system from any harmful viruses. The end result was that the Steam Programmers were able to defeat the hackers and bring the Steam Services back online.

Steam wasn’t able to find out who hacked into their system just like Sony and Activision couldn’t. Clearly whoever these hackers may be they have a vendetta with video games and are trying to destroy the industry, unfortunately those hackers don’t have the abilities to fully take down to servers and dispose of them for life. The FBI has now been contacted and they’ll begin investigating these hack, trying to find any clues that might lead them towards the residences of these hackers.

Steam didn’t make any statements regarding their severs going down. We suspect that they are still working to find electronic footprints of the hackers, doing all they can to make sure that these group of hackers feel justice.

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