Texas Inmates Sue

There are a variety of Texas Inmates who are now suing the state. When this information was revealed by the Wallace Pack Unit it came as a shock to many people as inmates never have the right to sue to the state. Unfortunately for Texas the heat in their state is beyond livable and without air conditioning those inmates could die or dehydration or heat overdoses.

The inmates contacted their lawyers and representatives, telling them about their living conditions and asked what they could do about it. These inmates who were working with one another were all told the same thing, sue the state for lack of proper living conditions. On top of that this news story has reached nationwide status as multiple broadcasting stations such as Fox News and CNN have reported this news story.

Fox News

There has already been twenty heat related deaths in Texas Prisons over the last two year and the heat only continues to rise. They potential for more heat related deaths increases with the hot fronts moving closer towards Texas. As of right now these inmates have a court date with their lawyers for these unsafe living conditions. If these inmates receive enough money they will be able to bail themselves out and once again walk the streets or stay in their cold air conditioned homes.

We will continue to update you on any information released relating to this prison case. We suspect that the inmates will win due to the previous twenty heat related deaths in Texas Prisons.

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