Riverfront Music Festival

Windsor, Ontario had their ground shake earlier on last weekend as the “Riverfront Music Festival” was held on September 6th, 2014. Over eight thousand young adults and teenagers flocked to the festival, piling up into a massive crowd where you could barely move. Each one of these young adults and teenagers were sprayed with paint, the Riverfront Music Festival is now considered to be the record holder for “Largest Paint Party”.


The Festival saw dozens upon dozens of police officers rotate around the musical festival. The cops being well aware that the majority of these young adults and teenagers attended the event either drinking, on drugs or both. Out of the 8,000 people who attended this festival roughly six hundred individuals were placed under arrest. Last year the event only brought in 5,000 Attendee’s and only saw three hundred individuals be placed under arrest. You can expect harsher terms to come next year if the festival returns to Windsor.

The Festival just doesn’t cater towards those who are famous for being DJ’s, it also caters towards the unknown DJ’s looking to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately it seems that most of the unknown DJ’s won’t get many new fans as the majority of people were drunk or high and were only concerned with being painted on. Regardless it proved to be a fun night for everyone involved, even those who were placed under arrest. You will have to wait until late August of 2015 in order to attend this festival.

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