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There are a number of game consoles that will now allow for to listen to your music such as fiddling while you are playing your video games. So why can’t you do the same while playing on your PC? The reason is because Steam opens a separate window for the game which blocks all other sound playing on your PC. You no longer have to worry about this as you can now listen to your music on Steam as Steam has revealed “Steam Music”.


Steam Music is now available for everyone to enjoy and it plays like a simple music player. All you have to do is load the music you have onto Steam Music and then you’ll be able to choose from your array of songs while playing your video games. This is a massive leap forward for PC Gamers as you’ve never been able to do this before and it’s been a sought out feature for years.

You’ll be able to adjust the sound quality in the General Steam Settings, this will allow for you to change the quality of your songs sound through various modes of bass and other sounds. Valve, the creators of Steam have said that they’ll take feedback from their users and use it to better Steam Music in the future as it is simply a regular MP3 Player but on your PC.

None the less this is long needed, you can download Steam Music through the Steam Website. You can load as many songs as you possibly want to Steam Music, you won’t be disappointed.

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