KISS, one of the greatest rock n roll bands in history revealed that they are working on a new album which should hit stores in late 2015. This new album will consist of two different discs, one of the discs will consist of their most memorable songs while the other disc will consist of new songs written in recent years. KISS fans have been awaiting a new album for years now, tired of having to re-buy their classics with new additions.


There is no word as to when this new albums official release date will be and we are unaware as to when these songs were written or how they will sound. It’s been years since Gene Simmons has entered the recording booth, throughout those years he could very well have lost the ability to hit some of the high notes. This is making some fans of the band wonder if KISS will take their new album to a lighter rock n roll route. Regardless you can expect incredible songs to be released with their new album as KISS has never failed their fans before and Gene Simmons wouldn’t allow for that to start now.

This new album is being called “Love Gun Deluxe Edition” and it’ll consist of twelve to fourteen new songs from the band. You can expect from great things from KISS in the upcoming years, with their new album comes a new tour and KISS is famous for providing some of the best concert experiences in history. Fans everywhere are awaiting this new album and tour.

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