YouTube is the largest video streaming website in the world & their also owned by one of the largest electronic companies on the globe, Google. Today Google revealed that they will be releasing a YouTube Music Service for those who have always wanted a better experience with their music while on YouTube.


This new music service is being called “YouTube Music Key” and it’ll be available on computers & all recent Android mobile devices. Beginning next Monday people will be able to pay $8 a month, just the same as Netflix and be able to listen to music on YouTube without ever having to worry about ads. People will also be able to stream their YouTube Music Videos through their mobile device while browsing other apps at the same time, a feature requested by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the year. There will also be an offline playback which means that people will be able to load their songs while on WiFi and then play them while they don’t have any connection to the internet. This is a service that will prove amazing for those not willing to invest on buying their music.

As of right now the new service is going to cost users $7.99 for their first month and their after $9.99 a month. Spotify, a competing music streaming service also charges this much for their service. Already analysts believe that the YouTube Music Key streaming service will be able to defeat Spotify in the first months of its operations due to the brand recognition of YouTube.

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