Those who have been awaiting for a new AC/DC Album for many years no longer have to wait as AC/DC released a brand new album earlier on this month. Currently the new album stands at fifth place on the top one hundred albums currently on the market, last week they stood at number three and the week before that they stood as number one. This shows that AC/DC is still the popular band that they once were decades ago.


Most of the consumers behind this new album are not from the younger generation but more from the older generation. None the less there are still plenty in the younger generation who enjoy the music of AC/DC, it just happens that pop culture is consumed with the likes of Lady Gaga and various other artists. This covers up those who have true musical talent such as AC/DC, Journey, Bon Jovi or Bob Segar. AC/DC’s new album will also be able to reach the youth due to iTunes & various other music outlets used by the younger generation. Quick music clips are available for free allowing for people to hear the songs, this is what has fueled the new growth in popularity for AC/DC with the youth.

Those wishing to check out the new album from AC/DC can do so by going down to your local music store, electronics store or you can use anyone of the multiple music services offered such as iTunes. The band will also be going on tour in the upcoming months around Northern America, there is no word if the band will be touring Europe as well.

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