Johnny Depp Calls Actors Turned Singers Pathetic –

Johnny Depp is considered to be one of the best actors known to Hollywood, he has played countless roles that still to this day remain in our memories. Mr. Jack Sparrow himself has stated that he believes that professional actors who have been able to find fame and then use that fame to become a professional singer are pathetic. This doesn’t come as a surprise that Johnny would say this as he has a past in the music industry unlike all of his fellow actors.


Johnny Depp was able to become a famous actor due to his talents as a musician much like Will Smith. Unlike Will Smith though, no one knows about Johnny Depp’s talents as a singer before he turned into an actor. He had to struggle with trying to become famous through his musical talent, he had to deal with the times where money was non-existent and he had to deal with all of the rejection. Those professional actors who turn into professional singers instantly are getting whichever gig they wish and are making money with their new found career. Mr. Depp believes that there is no way that these actors could truly live in their songs as they haven’t experienced what it’s like to be a true musician.

There are a number of different actors who have incredible musical talent but then turned to a professional actor. All of those actors have made similar if not kinder statements in the past, a thought that seems to resonate with all musicians.

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