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Texas Inmates Sue

There are a variety of Texas Inmates who are now suing the state. When this information was revealed by the Wallace Pack Unit it came as a shock to many people as inmates never have the right to sue to the state. Unfortunately for Texas the heat in their state is beyond livable and without air conditioning those inmates could die or dehydration or heat overdoses.

The inmates contacted their lawyers and representatives, telling them about their living conditions and asked what they could do about it. These inmates who were working with one another were all told the same thing, sue the state for lack of proper living conditions. On top of that this news story has reached nationwide status as multiple broadcasting stations such as Fox News and CNN have reported this news story.

Fox News

There has already been twenty heat related deaths in Texas Prisons over the last two year and the heat only continues to rise. They potential for more heat related deaths increases with the hot fronts moving closer towards Texas. As of right now these inmates have a court date with their lawyers for these unsafe living conditions. If these inmates receive enough money they will be able to bail themselves out and once again walk the streets or stay in their cold air conditioned homes.

We will continue to update you on any information released relating to this prison case. We suspect that the inmates will win due to the previous twenty heat related deaths in Texas Prisons.

Border Issues

Texas, the second largest state in land mass and population within the United States, will be taking their own actions in order to protect their citizens from illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. Texas borders Mexico, one of the largest countries in the world but also one of the poorest countries in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people from Mexico all try to flee to the border with each passing year and with each year that number increases.

Texas State logo

The reason for this is because the United States of America haven’t laws that are harsh enough laws relating to jumping the border. Most people who jump the border illegally are simply just sent back to their country but Texas plans on a different solution. Texas Border Officials revealed that they will be making a new prison right near the border, anyone who tries to hop the border illegally will be sent to that prison and given one meal a day. Texas Border Officials are doing this in hopes that word will get out in Mexico and that those considering jumping the border will no longer do so.

Texas Governor Rick Perry stated the following, “Other states don’t realize what we have to go through on a daily basis. A mass amount of our money is used towards sending these illegal immigrants back to their country and then those immigrants just try again. So we will create this prison and detain those who jump the border. I hope that this will lower the amount of people who jump the border by more than half.”

Steam Servers Down For 12 Hours

Steam, a service which allows for you to download famous video games onto your personal computer without having to actually purchase the disk went down for twelve hours last night. It’s been two years since Steam last saw their servers hacked.

Steam logo

At 8 P.M last night the Steam Servers went down after the same group of hackers who took down the Call of Duty Servers and Playstation Plus Servers. Steam was notified of this hack nearly two minutes after the hack first entered their system, Steam Programmers worked around the clock battling off against these hackers in order to protect their system from any harmful viruses. The end result was that the Steam Programmers were able to defeat the hackers and bring the Steam Services back online.

Steam wasn’t able to find out who hacked into their system just like Sony and Activision couldn’t. Clearly whoever these hackers may be they have a vendetta with video games and are trying to destroy the industry, unfortunately those hackers don’t have the abilities to fully take down to servers and dispose of them for life. The FBI has now been contacted and they’ll begin investigating these hack, trying to find any clues that might lead them towards the residences of these hackers.

Steam didn’t make any statements regarding their severs going down. We suspect that they are still working to find electronic footprints of the hackers, doing all they can to make sure that these group of hackers feel justice.

Battlefield Hardline Leaked

Battlefield Hardline, the next installment in the Battlefield franchise was leaked earlier on today. The leak consisted of the first trailer for the game, showcasing incredible visuals for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The trailer has already been removed from YouTube and won’t be seen again until June at E3 2014.

Battlefield Hardline

Analysts believe that Battlefield Hardline will sell poorly this year at Battlefield 4 was an incomplete game, released far to earlier EA had to release the rest of the game in Downloadable Content. This resulted in fans of the series having to pay double the price of what a game normally would cost, this time around fans of the series won’t be so easily swayed into purchasing this new installment. Electronic Arts, the publishers behind Battlefield Hardline will have to prove that this game is complete and also boasts an innovative new experience.

Electronic Arts Spokesperson Angela Fisher said the following, “Battlefield Hardline was leaked earlier on today, this leak came within our offices and once the culprit is found they will lose their job. We will be revealing gameplay footage for the campaign and multiplayer components in this new Battlefield installment. We can only hope that come E3 2014 in June our fans will love what we have created for them with Battlefield Hardline.”

It is unknown as to who is developing Battlefield Hardline as Dice Studios is currently working on Star Wars Battlefront. We have barely any faith in this new installment within the Battlefield Franchise.

Microsoft And Sony To Have Diverse Game Line Up At E3

Sony and Microsoft, the two largest companies in the video game industry both announced this week that they will have a diverse set of games being showcased at the E3 Gaming Conference in Los Angela’s this year. Sony are the creators behind the Playstation 4 while Microsoft are the creators behind the Xbox One, two consoles that are competing against one another in the eight console generation cycle.


On the Sony side of things we will see exclusive gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, 1814, Destiny and Uncharted. Uncharted and Star Wars Battlefront are two of the most sought after video games for this year’s E3. It is unknown if either one of these games will be released in 2014, it is suspected that the games will be released in early 2015.

Microsoft on the other hand of things haven’t announced what their really showcasing this year at E3. We do know that Microsoft will hold all of the exclusive clips, gameplay sessions and trailers for the new Call of Duty this year. Microsoft holds a deal with Activision that allows them to release the Call of Duty DLC one month earlier than the Playstation can. Regardless all eyes are on Sony and what the Playstation 4 has in store for the world.

You will be able to view week long coverage on the E3 Gaming Expo right here or at any of your other video game news sources. You can be expected that some major game changes will be showcased at this year’s E3.

Destiny Beta Staring In July

Activision announced today at an investors conference that the Destiny Beta would be beginning in July and only be available for players who pre-order games such as Watch Dogs. This in return will give those players a promo code for the new game and thus by allowing for them to play the Beta version of the game. Those who receive the Beta won’t be able to play any of the single player campaign but only the multiplayer component of the game.


We have known that the Beta was coming for some time as every Bungie game ever released has had a beta for it. Each one of the halo games were able to be tested by players pre-ordering key games in the interest of Activision. It is suspected that the beta will resemble a blockbuster video game as Destiny cost a total of $400 Million to develop, making it the most expensive video game to ever create in history.

The Beta will be released for Playstation users and not Xbox Users. Bungie is clearly showing favoritism towards Sony which is why analysts believe that Microsoft and Bungie had a following out when their contract ended. Regardless Destiny will be released for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game will offer an experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in a video game, boasting several different worlds with each world being the size of Halo 3. You just have to wait till September 9th to play this game.