Quebe Sisters

The Quebe sisters of Krum, Texas are a group of lovely, talented young ladies with exquisite skills in old time fiddling and classical violin. Their parents are natives of Houston, Texas with the girls being born in either Georgia or Tennessee but moved to Texas when the girls were very young and they soon began to show an affinity to fiddling. Grace, as the oldest, was the first to study classical violin while the family was still in Tennessee and the others quickly followed. The girls, Hulda, age 9, Sophia, 12, and Grace who is 13 are regularly invited to play at contests all around the state.

quebe sisters

The girls are capable of playing any number of styles due to their study habits. Even though their primary area of focus had been classical violin, they quickly gravitated towards more traditional fiddling styles and practiced long hours to get the right melodies. Their repertoire includes a wide range of tunes that delight crowds with the diversion of the usual standards. If you hear them play, you will be apt to hear anything from “Sally Goodin” to “Swedish Rhapsody” and even tunes from Moulin Rouge from the early 50’s.

The girls have played at fairs, concerts, and festivals and are never shy to compete when the opportunity presents itself. Additionally, they have also had the privilege of making televised appearances, sitting in on jams along with many public functions for the benefit of the community. The three have won many fiddling contests in Texas as well as across the south. Their television appearances include Good Morning Texas, Maury Povish show, live event broadcasts in Dallas and other cities.

While the fiddle may be one of the greatest passions for the Quebe sisters, their families make sure that they remain grounded and stay as well rounded as possible. They are carefully educated through home schooling which enables them to not only focus on their musical education but also to invest in other various interests. Grace has a deep interest in genetics, veterinary pursuits and enjoys organizing the poultry. Sophia has a part time job working in the yards of friends and neighbours and loves her fiddle. Even young Hulda has an interest in animals and is very focused on trying to develop a long bow method of fiddling, style after greats such as Terry Morris or Benny Thomasson. Not only that, but the girls are, of course, also responsible for all of their regular chores around the home.

There is no doubt that these girls will go a long way in whatever they pursue and most whom have heard them on their fiddles definitely hope that they will go after careers in music. Whether it is in the classical style or in the old time Texas tradition, they are a delight to both see and hear and fans look very forward to enjoying many more years of their wonderful fiddling. They continue to study with the very accomplished McKenzies and are being groomed for a successful future. Watch out, world – these girls are an absolute triple threat!

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