Skye Hall – Prodigy Fiddler

It’s sometimes hard to imagine how one so young can produce such amazing music but Skye Hall shows folks how it’s done. At 10 years old, Skye has been playing fiddle since she was a mere five years old. The wee girl calls her fiddle her very best friend and it has been her constant companion. Indeed, she takes it with her as she travels around the state to play for audiences, meeting people with her family where ever she goes and she charms whoever she meets. And when she does meet other musicians, many of whom she admires immensely, she has them sign her fiddle and has now covered both her original violin and the subsequent one with the names of all these new friends. Included among her treasured autographs are the likes of known Texas fiddlers such as Leon Rausch, Mark O’Conner, Rosetta, Johnny Gimble, Royce and Ray, Brady Bowen, Bob Boatwright, Rosetta & Loreene Wills, Loise Rowe, Clay Walker and Rich and Valerie O’Brien. It is worth mentioning that Valerie O’Brien is Skye’s mentor on the fiddle, as well.

Sky Hall

Her two favourite signatures, however, are those of her two “Charlies” which are Charlie Daniels and state Congressman Charles Stenholm. These are her prized possessions! What a lucky young lady to be recognized but individuals of such character! It was in July of 2000 when she collected the signature from the Congressman after entering a fiddling contest where he was holding court as the Master of Ceremonies. In this particular event, there weren’t any age divisions and Skye won 3rd place competing against everyone. There was one award in the contest called the “Oldest Fiddler”, a traditional award that was an annual prize, although there was not generally any recognition for the fiddler that was the youngest who was competing. Skye was singled out for that distinction for the very first time by Congressman Stenholm himself, who honoured her with Congressional Recognition for her youth. Later that summer, Skye’s family was contacted with a special invitation to perform at another event that he was again hosting in Ericksdahl, Texas. Skye was considered a featured musician, entertaining more than a thousand spectators with both her fiddle playing and singing. Even though Skye often felt she was too shy to take the mic with a song, she rose to the occasion and even addressed the crowd.

She has been invited as a complimentary guest to four of Charlie Daniels’ events in Fort Worth when he played at Billy Bob’s and has had VIP access backstage where she has had the opportunity to fiddle a few tunes with the great after the show. Charlie has acknowledged her in the front row during the concert and has even blown a kiss in her direction, not to mention giving her the bow from his fiddle. On one occasion, she sat right up on stage with Charlie until she fell asleep! Daniels is a true supporter of hers, as well as a good Christian friend, and they keep in touch via whenever possible.

Skye continues to perform and is fast becoming one of the names that she admired in the past but for her, the fiddle will always be her best friend.

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